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The Advancement of Science and Technology
Political and Social Changes
Economic Downturn and Creative Economy

Changes in Political and Social Environment and Art Flatform

Changes in Social Structure

The advent of the post-knowledge-based industrialization era

Political and

Social Changes

Emphasis on the importance of social integration

Emphasis on social integration due to intensified conflicts between classes and generations

Cultural enrichment and the proliferation of cultural value as global challenges

Cultural enrichment for the coexistence of abundance and happiness

Prolonged global economic slowdown takes effect

Continuation of the global economic crisis

Economic Downturn and Creative Economy

Economic Growth Continues to Slump Due to COVID-19

Weakening of the Growth Engine

Change in the Trend of Providers and Consumers

Emergence of Creative Economy

Creative Economy Is Central to Future Economic Policy

Creating a Creative Economy Culture

Overlapping and Convergence of Heterogeneous Technology

Technologies such as IT, BT, NT, CS, etc. overlap

The Advancement of Science and Technology

The advent of the Big Data Environment

Redefining 'Curation' in the Big Data Era

‘Curation’ that is replicated in museums and galleries

The appearance of ‘Curation Commerce’

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