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Dr. Stephen Joh

Art Advisory Art Researcher

Education : 

Sep 2006 - Dec 2009, 스위스 Business School Lausanne 경영학박사 
Oct 2004 - Jun 2005, 영국 University of Cambridge 건축환경학석사 
Oct 2003 - Jun 2004, 영국 Northumbria University 문화경영학석사
Oct 1982 - Jul 2002, 영국 Reading University 경영학Postgraduate Diploma 

About Me Dr. Stephen Joh

Art Advisory and Research

Dr Joh provides independent art advisory services for private individuals, corporate collections. With expertise ranging from emerging contemporary artists to established blue-chip artists. Joh provides art objects appraisal and valuation, marketability survey as well as artist management services.

  • Co-Curator, Bank of America Collection (2011.1.1~2013.6)

  • HOMA홍익대학교 현대미술관 운영위원 (2010.1~2011.10.31)

  • Standard Chartered 제일은행 미술자문역 (2008.3~2008.12)

Art Acquisition and Art Sale

Dr Joh assists in the acquisition, commission and sale of artworks in a complex global market with discretion and complete confidentiality. Through a combination of independent expert advice and extensive research, able to deliver the highest quality service to clients.

Dr Stephen Joh

Dr Joh has served the field widely in marketing the arts and business consulting. Joh has experienced two significant sectors and achieved the highest results. First, Joh worked for Sotheby’s; the world largest auction houses as head of the Korean branch and VP of the Sotheby’s Asia head office and was in charge of marketing sales for leading corporate collectors worldwide. Then, he joined Asiana Airline group as a VP to develop the cultural sector.

Dr Joh spent 19 years as a full professor teaching a marketing and art market management. He wrote several books including A Startup Guide for Artist (2017), A History of Commerce (English Version 2017), Art and Entrepreneurship (2016) and number of journals including A Studio n the Improvement of Creative Environment to Reduce the Incurable Disease of Artists (2019), A Study on the Problems and Improvement of Environmental Sculptures of the Artwork Decoration System Based on the Benefit of the Value Concept, Korea Institute of Space Design (2017), A Study of Alternative Plans for Uncontrollable Art Auction Markets (2016)

Work Experience

Mar 2018 - Feb 2021

Mar 2008 - Feb 2018

Sep 2005 - Aug 2009

Oct 1998 - Aug 2005

Feb 1997 - Feb 1998

May 1990 - Feb 1997

Jun 1989 - May 1990

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