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IMJ helps French companies expand their business and enter the Asia by analysing companies classified as contemporary artisans, providing market data, and discussing economic theories of market accessibility. It has subsidiaries in 5 countries, Korea, UK, USA and China, and employs 30 corporate analysts from more than 12 countries.

IMJ acts as a platform, catalyst and mediator between local and global cultures, thus supporting international exchange of ideas and encouraging public discussions between designers, researchers, academics, artists, politicians, public institutions, real estate developers, and other investors, social groups and the public.

흰 배경
산책하는 사람들

The value we seek is to grasp the fundamental essence. It does not matter whether the essence is natural or forward-looking. We prioritize how we can spend our time over how we decorate our lives. We create 'one and only' that is perfectly utilized for its unique personality and new changes, going beyond the 'best' that the public wants.

We realize the dignity of life that respects the culture, people, experiences and satisfaction of life, and artistic inspiration to obtain various experiences and satisfaction of life.