Our biorhythm and nature’s rhythm are similar.

We can communicate through this specific rhythm.

The earth is falling ill. Will the Earth be cured if it is flipped upside down?

We can flip earth upside down by…
Placing the center of gravity in space.

If you consider the beginning of life as death, then the birth becomes the end.

If gravity is reversed, life will head back to the surface and regain vitality, may it be plants or humans.

When a person dies, the body is sent to the earth, the perishing body is digested by organisms, water forms when the body is consumed, then the water evaporates into the sky to lead to the creation of the sea.

The clouds are formed thereafter.

This project considers the rhythm of a body’s life and death contrarily by being curious about the reversal of gravity.

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"ESG ART Circulation is opened with Chelsea FC Official Supporters Club South Korea with the vision of integrating sports, art and nature."